Everybody is doing their part in addressing the concerns about head injuries– from governing bodies, to non-profit youth organizations to volunteer coaches.

There are over three million youth football players in the United States ages 5-14 and over a million high school athletes participating in organized football every year. The concerns of head injuries are at an all time high, causing appropriate measures to be put into place. Starting with the new law (House Bill 1824), known as the Zackery Lystedt Law, requires medical clearance of youth athletes suspected of sustaining a concussion, before sending them back in the game, practice or training. This Law has been adopted in all 50 states! USA Football one of the leading governing bodys for youth football has been working diligently launching the Heads UP football program in 2014. It is designed to teach proper tackling techniques to minimize head contact and has been adopted by over 5,000 registered youth football leagues. USA Football also has the support of the NFL who has graciously donated 45 million dollars to help the Heads Up football program reach all youth football leagues for the SAFETY of our youth athletes.

My name is Kyle Lien I am one of those volunteer coaches.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved coaching ages 5-9 for the past five years; I am also the Heads Up Football Player Safety Coach for our league. When my Son River started playing football at six he struggled on offense (he was only 6). Me being a father first wanted to see him excel and make football a safe and enjoyable experience. For months I watched him run thru the wrong holes and take unnecessary blows to the head and body because he did not have proper field awareness. For those who might not know what the HOLES stand for on offense it’s quite simple. 1-3-5-7 is to the left of center and 2-4-6-8 is to the right of the center.

One day at practice I thought how could I make it safer for him to learn the correct holes on offense as well as defense? Could it be as simple as putting the numbers somewhere on him that he could glance at and achieve instant field awareness along with newly found confidence. I knew my wife would not let me tattoo the numbers on his arms. So I went to work on professionally designing forearm sleeves and gloves to use as training tools for youth football players.

The Idea

Through years of product development and game time use I have come to realize my SONS invention is much more than just a user-friendly tool for an athlete to reach his/her full potential in the game of football. It is a learning tool that can and will be used in the game of American Football to Standardize the Offense; greatly influencing the way football will be introduced to our youth. It allows the user to easily recognize his/her objective for each play from the Quarter Back – Running Back – Wide Receiver to the Linemen. Allowing them to execute and perform in the SAFEST way possible with full field awareness, which in turn will keep all children safer from head and other football related injuries. We have found an innovative way not to change the game we love, but put into place tools that will make it a safer way for our youth to interpret the game.

More SONS Football products will be available in the near future.